105 Business Ideas to Start in India

These are the 105 Best Business Ideas to start in India. Many people looking to start a business, as a business makes passive income. All these 105 Business ideas which can start easily and run. All just you need is proper planning before you start a business.

1. Curry point business

Nowadays in a busy life, there is no scope for cooking and all. This is the best business ideas to start that who are aspiring to enter into a restaurant business. Locate the busiest area where employees and students are staying and open a one and maintain quality and hygienic.

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2. Social media consultants

This is the one of the best business idea to start. Today everyone is on social media, business personalities, companies, celebrities looking to make a mark on social media. Start a social media consultancy or work as a social media consultant and make money.

3. Affiliate Marketer

In affiliate marketing, one can make money within the short period of time unless you are an influencer. You can earn money as a commission by making the audience to buy product or service.

4. Virtual Assistant

act as assistant to anybody virtually and do tasks given by them. You can find this jobs on freelance websites and local classifieds.

5. Blogger

select a niche which you are interested and start writing. Earn money via AdSense, affiliate marketing and selling ad space.

6. Translator

Translation service is quite popular in IT and media industry if you are good at foreign languages or hire any language master. This is the one of the best business idea to start with the least investment.

7. Photography

If you are creative with a camera, then this is the best business for you. Rent a camera and do freelance photography by listing in local classifieds. If you have good editing skills then start making video shoots by renting the office.

8. E-Commerce Store

To get success in this business, select only one niche and build the e-commerce store by listing all product possibilities in that niche.

9. Video Editing

if you are good at video editing then this is for you, edit add films, animation videos and edit videos for functions and parties as a freelancer.

10. Travel planner

Many people looking for a tailor-made perfect tour package, just offer them a perfect tour plan according to their likes and earn a decent income.

11. Event and Project Planner

Freelance your skill to any startup and mid-level companies and make a decent amount of money.

12. Online Trainer

If you are good in any subject or thing then list your profile on udemy and many more online training sites and make money by teaching from home.

13. Fitness trainer

Many people looking for a personal fitness trainer, if you proved with your body then you can make money by helping and training your client.

14.Food truck

Start a food truck and place the truck near to people hangout spots and make decent income daily.

15. Digital Media Marketing

This is the booming business to start nowadays, if you had minimum investment and proper skill set about digital marketing then start a digital media marketing agency.

16. Makeup salon

saloon_business ideas

With little investment, you can start this business idea and also offer service to functions and corporate theme parties.

17. The interior designing

Interior designing firm is for the creative ones and took minimum investment to start.

18. Electronics Repair Service

Repair the electronics like laptops, induction stoves, wet grinders and many more household items. Offer pickup and drop service to repaired one’s and make a decent income.

19.Online Reputation Management

Nowadays internet plays key roles, costumers searches for any product or service in online and choose the better ones which have good rating and reviews. online reputation management agencies have demanded over this and this is the best time to enter into this business.

20. Financial planner

Many high salaried people and employees looking for a mentor about their future savings and all. Offer this service to them with the consultation fee.

21.Sports Trainer

If you are good at any sport then join in any sports academy as a trainer and list yourself in local classifieds and all make more income by offering training to individuals.

22. Graphics designer

Creative mind always makes money with this. List in all freelance sites and local classifieds to make more income.

23. Application Developer

Develop an application which is useful to many, within a short time your app turned into a money-making machine.

24. Home tutor

Offer home tuition to students and make money in your free time.

25. Ice cream and Thick Shake Parallel

choose the best location to start this business and from the first day, you can money.

26.Laundry service

working people and bachelors are looking for this service in cities, offer monthly packages and pickup&drop services to costumers makes best you in the market.

27. Babysitting / Daycare

With minimal effort, you can make money with this business idea. Rent a space and advertise in your locality about babysitting and daycare service.

28.Sharing Economy Rentals

Renting your unused gadgets, furniture and electronics give you money. Just list in local classifieds and rental apps.

29. Manpower supply Agency

supply manpower to construction sites, hardware stores etc.., just maintaining the huge contracts of men will make you successful in this business.

30. Air conditioner Maintenance

List in all local classifieds and tie up with gated communities and companies.

31. Aloe vera Farming

This business needs huge investment, supply to all pharma and ayurvedic companies and export to foreign countries makes a good margin.

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32. Media consultant

Act as a media consultant to any famous personalities and companies and make good bucks.

33. Diet Planner

Design the healthy diet and customize the diets to people according to their needs.

34. Mobile Point

Rent a shop and fill with mobiles, accessories and recharges. This business has a very decent profit margin.

35. Fruit juice Bar

This is one of the best business ideas which can make money on the first day itself and with low investment one can start this business. Perfect shop location matters in this business.

36. Wedding Consultants

Maintain the profiles of the bride’s and groom’s, by showing them perfect matches can give a decent income.

37. PetCare services

Sell all items related to pets and pets care and make a good income.

38. Real estate broker

Every sale in real estate business make very good income, just make a quality leads to the marketing team and earn great commission.

39.Business plan service

Business planning is one of the booming business services in India. Plan the business and sell to the required client and earn income.

40. Car Renting Service

If you don’t have work with your car, then list on local classifieds, zoom cars, uber for rent and turn your can into a money-making machine.

41. Data Analysis

Many companies looking for data analysis, if you are good with analysis then this is for you to earn very good money by offering your service for start-ups and survey companies.

42. Rent your Spare Room

If you have a spare room, then list on Airbnb, local classifieds and make decent money.

43. Stock Market Trading

If you had little idea about the stock market then you can invest in stock marketing or they are many firms which offer share marketing investment you can contact them and make profits.

44. Rent out your Space

If you have any space, rent it for parking or hangout party space or for display exhibitions etc.., and make decent money.

45. Starting a Website and Social Media Page

Make a website and social media page that attracts lots of traffic and does promotions and make money.

46. Training centre

Start any training centre and make money.

47. Hardware manufacturing business

With the minimum investment, you can start hardware manufacturing business and run in a proper way to make a profit.

48. Sheep and Cattle Farming Business

This is the ultimate and evergreen business idea to start with minimum investment to make much money.

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For good storyteller this business idea suits great.

50.Gym and Dance studio

Hire a dance master and gym master and open a gym and dance studio.

51. Recruitment Agency

Start the Recruitment agency with a huge database of trained students and provide them suitable jobs.

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52. Groceries Delivery business

Just by door delivering the all the groceries and make income.

53 Office food Delivery

Delivery the hot food to employees from home and make monthly income.

54. Advanced Library Room

Rent large room or apartment and equip with air conditioner and reading tables and chairs.Start this business near to coaching centres and student prone areas.

55. Hitech Smoke Zone

smoke_zone_business idea

This is one of the best business ideas that suits for metropolitan cities. Fill your store with all possible cigars and make a good air-conditioned interior for smokers.

56. Corporate Business Gifts

Make selling corporate gift items like printed tees, customized pen drives etc,

57. Selling Trees and Plants

Starting a nursery and sell trees and plants give good returns.

58. Website flipper

Buying old websites and selling improved website making the good return, and also registering good catchy domains and sell it for a profit.

59. Shared Office Space

If you own a house or rent a house, then make it into office space with furniture and give to different offices by sharing basis.

60. Address verification service

Offer your service to companies and HR department, as many companies looking for these type of companies.

61. Pickup & Drop service

Many business people looking for this type of service, offer your service to them and make money.

62. Driving School

Just buy a used vehicle and rent a small office.advertise in all locals and make decent earnings.

63. Selling gift Items

Fill your store with all new and unique gifts items and start making money.

64. Farming Rabbit

This is the most underrated business, the profit margin is good in this business.

65. Content Writing and Proofreading

create and sell your content to those who need it and make a decent income in your free time

66. Starting Comedy Club

Start and arrange comedy clubs and make money in your communities and areas.

67. Starting YouTube Channel

Start a youtube channel with great content and make money.

68. Waste Recycle Management

Buy a scrap and make recycled products. This business had high-profit margin.

69. Car Wash Service

Open a car wash service and make decent earnings and also offer car wash direct to costumers parking lots.

70. Antiquities Re-seller

Buy antiquities for low cost and sell to profit, this is one of the best part time business idea.

71. T-shirt Design and Printing

Design great t-shirts and display on many e-commerce websites and make money.

72. Smartphone Repair Service

Learn mobile repairing and start your own repairing service.

73. Coffee Bar

coffe_shop_business idea

List all possible flavours of coffee in your menu list and require a fancy shop to start this business.

74. Party Rentals

Make income on weekends. Rent your party kinds of stuff like Dj players, loudspeakers and light equipment. Effective use of FB, olx and quicker brings quality orders.

75. Cleaning Service

Offer cleaning service in apartments and posh localities and make money.

76. Law Service Firm

Start and offer your law service to required ones with a fee.

77. Community Management

Many startup incubation centres, gated communities are looking for community managers.

78. Resume Writing

Make money by investing your knowledge and time to write a resume to freshers and experienced candidates.

79. Organic Farming

Organic farming is one of the decent ways for money as organic products have a huge demand in the market. This business needs a huge investment.

80. Bookstall

Collect all first and second-hand books and make money.

81. Kids Toys Store

Open a small kids store near to gated communities, play schools and market zones, fill the store with all kind of toys and list on google and e-commerce sites for extra bucks.

82. Women clothing Boutique Ladies Store

This business best suites for cities, open a women clothing store and fill the store with designer wear, maternity clothing, sleepwear etc., and make complete available products related to women’s clothing.

83. Video Production

If you have enough money, then video production is one of good business for starting, produce short films, low-cost web –series and sell to media houses.

84. Selling BioFertilizers

Make your own biofertilizers and start selling gives good income as usage of biofertilizers increases.

85. Restaurant

Quality and hygienic plays a key role in this business, the profit margin is quite high in the restaurant business.

86. Moneylender

Register in a secured money lending site and lend money to the needy and make money.

87. Playschool

Starting playschool is also a good business idea in recent years.

88. Life Coaching Service

Giving motivational speeches and personal skills is the latest business.

89. Bio-Degradable Packing Service

In coming years bio-degradable package business is on the boom, start early to make a good profit.

90. Private security & Investigation Agency

Private investigation agency and security business are great if you are great at dealing with people and personalities.

92. Taking courier Franchise

Taking courier franchise is the best business idea as courier services are demand due to the e-commerce business.

93. Hobby Tutor

Teach the tutorials like drawing, crafting etc., and make money.

94. Making Mobile Applications

Develop the great mobile applications and start making money.

95. Secretarial Service

Many busy people looking for a personal secretary for their daily tasks join as a personal secretary and make money.

96. Bartender

Catering and bartending is the best part-time business idea with a decent amount of money, freelance yourself as a bartender for corporate parties and functions.

97. Guest Driver

Many people looking for a guest driver on the urgent basis, if you know driving then you can make good money.

98. Part-time chef

If you are good at making great unique recipes then join as a chef and make money.

99. Selling Plants Online

Selling plants online is the great business idea which has a huge profit margin.

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100. Selling Pets

This can be started as part-time if you have pets and improve your contacts with pets owners in your circle, double the pets and sell the new born’s.

101. The Fashion Designer

If you are good at fashion trends then this is the best one to earn money as a freelancer for shoots and parties.

102. Fast Food Center

This is one of the best business ideas that suit all kinds of cities in India. Just locate your centre near to working spaces and busy centres where working people are staying.

103. Snack Corner

This business idea doesn’t need much investment, open a snacks corner in office premises or movie theatres or schools and make income from the first day itself.

104. Scrap Collection Business

Collecting scrap or waste from houses and industries and selling the scrap to re-cycle marketers.

105. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Mart

business ideas_differentwaysformoney.com

Buy the vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers and make a shop near to business circles or gated communities and make a good profit margin.

These business ideas are good to start and don’t forgot to get familiar with these businesses before you start. Decent amount of investment is required to start this business and some business ideas can work without investment.

Please share these business ideas with your friends and let me know your views in the comments.

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