business ideas women

15 Best Business Ideas for Women

business ideas women

If you are looking for Best business ideas for women then you are in the correct article, here are best-curated business ideas for women that are practically possible and easy to start from home. some business ideas need minimum investment to start.

 List of Best Business Ideas for Women

  • Curry point business
  • Tailoring and Embroidering
  • Blogging & vlogging
  • Baby Daycare centre
  • Laundry Dry wash
  • Tuitions
  • Gift & Fancy store
  • Resumes and Creative writing business
  • Small Grocery & Ration store
  • Ladies Dress boutique
  • Yoga and fitness centre
  • Organic Homemade Products
  • Handmade Crafts & Jeweler
  • Matrimonial service Brokerage
  • Drop Shipping
Curry Point Business

Curry point business is one of the best business ideas for women. If you are good at cooking then start a small curry point business in your locality.

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Tailoring and Embroidering

If you are good at tailoring and embroidering works, then this is the best business to start from home. Advertise in your localities and girls pg’s & hostel. You can also earn by giving training to others.

Blogging & vlogging

Already many homemakers are doing blogging and vlogging. Start a youtube channel and update daily routines and some handy tips to all or vlog any stuff which you know.

Baby Daycare centre

Baby day care centres are the most popular in all cities. Working parents are looking for this centres. With all facilities, you can start this business on your own and start making profits.

Laundry Dry wash

you can start your own laundry Dry wash business.  Advertise in your localities and all ladies pg’s and hostel. you can work when there are orders.


You can start taking tuitions for kids in your home daily. Its one of kind business for women who are staying in the home.

Gift & Fancy store

Gift shops are one of the best business ideas for women. With a little bit of investment, you can start this business.

Resumes and Creative writing business

If you have a good education background. Then you write resumes for freshers and experienced job seekers in your spare time. You can find them in facebook job seeking groups. By writing content for websites as a content writer you can get earn some decent bucks in your spare time.

Small Grocery & Ration store

Start small grocery & Ration store in your locality. This is the easiest business for women. List all the daily needs and make profits.

Ladies Dress Boutique

You can start the women boutique in a small shop or spare room in your house. List all the dresses and needs for women. For this business, you need a little bit of investment.

Yoga and Fitness centre

Many of us looking for weight loss programs. If you are good at dealing with all kind of this stuff then start your own yoga and fitness centre.

Organic Homemade Products

If you know about making products related to health, beauty organically. Then you can start this business. You can also sell these products online.

Handmade Crafts & Jeweler

If you are an art person, then make some handmade crafts and jewellery. Handmade stuff is more expensive. Promote them via online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and classified website.

Matrimonial and Event Service Brokerage

Collect the data of event planners and those who are looking for marriage from your circle. Just with help of WhatsApp, you can start this business. event planners offer you a great commision if you find them a lead.

Drop Shipping

If you experienced any posts on Facebook from girls about sarees and artificial pieces of jewellery for sale. Probably they are doing drop shipping business. Just post all the details of pics and price with your profit margin. If anyone orders, then forward to the dealer. This is the easiest and simplest business to start in your free time. Beware of fake dealers.  Read the article about women entrepreneur is earning millions selling sarees via WhatsApp.

These are best-curated business ideas for women to start. In future, this list can be updated with more business ideas.

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