5 Best Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment

In this post I am going to discuss the 5 Best Business Ideas to Start with Low Investment.These Business Ideas needs low investment to start and minimum capital required to run this business.

Best Business Ideas 

Digital Marketing Agency

If you are good at marketing and making marketing strategies then Starting Digital Marketing Agency.It is a best option for you, just need a great website/blog and small office to deal with client.Quick start with small,local clients by offering low service fee and make good portfolio.You can also get projects from freelancing sites.

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Home Based Catering Business

Obviously Food business is a best profitable business. You can start a catering business with low investment. By serving food to parties,functions,corporate parties etc.You need good contacts and quality services to succeeds in this Business.

Office Food Delivery Firm

This is very good profitable business.If you have good contacts and tactics to convince the corporate employees,taking contracts from small office makes good profit.You just need delivery boys and vehicles to deliver tasty hot food to employees from their houses.

Advance Library Room

To start this business you need air conditioned hall or room,cubicles,few computers with Internet connection.Your aim is just to create very good study environment for pupils.This idea suits for big cities,you will get decent earnings from memberships.

 Juice & Cafeteria Bar

You can start in any place or taking lease near to any busiest area make this idea most profitable.You can start chain branches once you are good at this particular market with trying different combination of ice & juices or coffees makes you leader in that niche market.

These are the best business ideas start with low investment.In future I am going to write more business plans and strategies which are helpful for entrepreneurs and for who are looking to starting business.

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