Giving Email Id,Think Thrice!!!

Did you ever think why our Email inbox is filled with shit mails and spam, let’s see..

Now a days, every website asks your Email id’s (i.e. technically called as subscribe) in return of free e-books, get free daily updates and content in your inbox with mind-watering titles, some individual over smart and cunning digital marketers and freelancers steal our mail id’s by creating posts in forums and Facebook. I asked to one of my mate who is a successful digital marketer, he said that he will create fake content based Google form and post it in Facebook groups  which has huge members like job seekers groups, online course learning groups etc.., and he himself calling this as “trap marketing”. I think this so unethical and it’s a scam and personally felt bad and decided to break this scam.we need to know three things.

  • Why they need our mail ids?
  • What they will do with our mail ids?
  • How to get rid of these traps? 
becareful with Email id!
Becareful while giving Email id

Why they need our email ids?

Every person who connects to internet need a virtual address to get contacted with others, so we need mail id’s to move on in this virtual world. Mail id’s is our virtual address to reach us or contact us; this is what they need to reach us with different information.

What will they do with our email ids?

They use our email ids to create traffic to their sites by sending updates of their site and get clicked to visit their site and then they send our email id’s containing data base to national and local vendors which they paid according to per 1000 mail ids. As job seekers and online course learners regularly opens their emails, as these emails opening rate is high, the pay of money is also high for this mail ids. At last, those who buy our email id’s containing data base again they will sell data base to other agency.As a website owner I regularly gets calls from agency’s to buy data base. This is the reason why our mail inbox is filled with shit mails and spam.

How to get rid of these shit mails and spam?

Very simple, create separate emails for professional, personal use and another mail for net surfing and never give your personal and professional mail to any website unless it is authorized.

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