How to make Successful Youtube Channel

This is a clear article about YouTube money making, this article covers all steps from initial scratch stage to money generating stage of a Successful Youtube Channel.

how to make Successful Youtube channel
How to make Successful Youtube channel

We need to follow these three steps to make Successful Youtube channel

  • Stating YouTube channel
  • Making YouTube channel successful
  • Generate money from YouTube channel

Starting YouTube channel

But starting YouTube channel we need to do some groundwork, different ways for brings you an intensive success tips to start a YouTube channel.In Google we can get best tutorials about how to setup YouTube channel?

  • Before starting YouTube channel you need to select a simple, short and sweet name for your channel. As, it also helps for Brand building in future.
  • Content is king, don’t forget to maintain quality of information in your videos.
  • List out total ideas and total videos that are going to make on a paper, this makes clear view about future of channel.
  • Maintain Huge video database in your channel like 100 to 500 videos, but remembers content is king.
  • If you are going to tech, education related channel then invest on cam, good mike, lighting set, good video software.
  •  Starting channels related Gardening, cooking then you can start shooting with decent mobile camera.
  • Concept of  making viral videos then rent a high end camera and make videos.

Making YouTube channel successful

Here again making YouTube channel successful is a biggest challenge for many youtubers. In early stages you tubers need to concentrate on getting more views and subscribers.This is the best ways to promote your brand new channel and make Successful Youtube channel.

  • By creating facebook pages, twitter paging on YouTube’s channels name and engage with audience.
  • Ask them for subscribe at end of the video or middle of the video.
  • Edit thumbnails with great and good catchy titles that we need to drag viewer’s attention, but don’t add shit to your thumbnails these will temporary views in long run it may won’t work.
  • You can also comment your channel link in famous videos comment section as to subscribe.
  • Ask visitors and subscribers which videos to make next and what type of videos they are interested.
  • Announce giveaways for subscribers and ask them to like your facebook page also.
  • Ask to email if they have great idea to make video related to your channel.
  • Give suggestion on quora with your YouTube channel video link to related answer to video.
  • Engage with audience by asking feedback and giving replies to comments.
  • Do follow- this is like just ask famous channel related to your channel in return of money as to add your channel link in their coming video description.
  • Thank all your viewers in video when reached first 5k or 10k or 50k subscribers by making special videos for subscribers.
  • Create a web site on with all your videos and add share buttons to your videos.
  • Promote your video through Facebook page which has large fan base by asking their admins (page owners) or return of money to admins.
  • Promote your videos through blog and websites which has huge viewers.
  • Send promotional emails to thousands of email id’s which has your video links.

Follow these steps in early stage to all your videos these easy steps will boost your views and subscribers.

Generate money from YouTube channel

YouTube is best source for income once it starts generating income. These are the different ways for money from YouTube.

  • Adsense

The Google Ad sense is the constant income for all you tubers. The more views gives proximity of playing ads is also high for videos. The more videos and more views generate very good income.

  • Sponsored videos

Now a day’s popular YouTube channels are directly contacted by marketing of adverting team of company and asking them to review their product, this is a major income for popular YouTube channels.

  • In video Advertising

Popular local Business Channels are asked by local business people to display logo or add in video itself, in return of good money.

  • Making a Website

Create a user friendly website with all your videos and apply to Google adsense for website to get extra bucks.

This is all about  How to make Successful Youtube channel, All the best for your youtube channel.



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