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How to Start Led Bulb Making Business in India

This article is for those who are looking to Start LED Bulb Making Business with low investment. As the LED industry is growing tremendously year by year with a 25% growth rate. By 2030, almost every light will be LED-based. This is the reason why we need to start Led bulb business in India. To start this business, no need for great investment and skills, all you need is to know marketing for the Led bulbs manufactured by you.

In this article, we covered clearly about LED Bulb Making Business from Starting to End. By reading this article totally you can make your own LED Bulb Making Business Plan with all Investment details and Marketing details.

#1)Raw Materials

Raw Materials required according to the type of the LED Bulb, here listed Raw Materials for making the IC Driver based Led Bulb.

led bulb making business

  • Bulb Body
  • Heat Sinks
  • B22 Cap
  • Diffuser
  • HPF IC Driver
  • Packing Box
  • Warranty Card

#2)Manufacturing Process of Led Bulb

Making of Led Bulb is an easy process. As all parts of Led bulb need to assemble in stepwise with necessary tools like soldering iron, screwdriver and few more assembly kits like LED Pressing Machine which is easily available in your local market. You can start manufacturing from your home.


Mount the LED PCB on the Heat Sink with help of Cooling Paste.

Step- 2

Solder the HPF IC Driver Output Terminals to LED PCB with help of connecting wires and also solder the HPF IC Driver input Terminals to the B22 Cap.


Now place the whole circuit in the Circuit Body, attach the Diffuser in a bottom of the Body and Stick the B22 Cap to the top of Body with help of the Pressing Machine and your led bulb is ready for checking and Inspection.


Working Led Bulb is packed with warranty card in a packing box and ready to go market.

#3)Investment for LED Bulb Making Business

Raw Material                    –    50,000 INR

Tools & Malicious(Sealer, Meter’s etc.) – 50,000 INR

Operating cost for 3 Months(Rent & Workers) – 1,50,000 INR

Total: 2,50,000 INR

Always start with low, this is estimation for those who can start led bulb making business. Cost may be different according to the individual locality.

#4)Requirements to Start Led bulb Manufacturing:

Trade License from the local municipal office.

GST Registration

Bureau of Indian Standards certification.

No Objection Certificate from Pollution Control Board

Commercial Power connection

Proper training of Tools and components.

#5)Marketing of Led Bulbs

You need to have a perfect marketing plan before going to start Led bulb manufacturing.

Well, coming to marketing already a few international and national brands are there in the market. We need to show a clear difference in quality within the price range. As our Led bulb making cost is low, we have a chance to make our price affordable to all, as premium Led bulbs are bit high in cost.

  • Target the market in Tier 2 and below cities and towns as it is easy to find customer there.
  • Offer great commission to Retailers, they give preference to our product while selling.
  • List on Google business and e-commerce like Amazon, eBay and local business websites.
  • Make sure that product is available not only in electric shops and all local stores, general stores.
  • Take contracts for new apartments, offices, companies, Government buildings and municipal authorities to supply led bulbs for them there.
  • Start your own website and make sure that products are listed there.

This is all about to start Led Bulb Manufacturing Business from scratch including with all Investment and Marketing details.


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