Personal Brand Building Strategies for  Entrepreneurs

Personal Brand Building Strategies
Personal Brand Building strategies

Creating a great logo is not a brand, creating a mark on the market and influencing a large portion of people is called a brand. Personal branding sense marketing yourself to the public. Remember  Brand building is an ongoing process and the strong personal brand builder will able to boost the sales of products or service which returns him a lot of money.

According to Dr Soo Wincci, Brand Influencer from Malaysia on TED Talks she shares the idea of  IIR  i.e, Identity, Image and Reputation. Here we can see details about these IIR and few more about personal brand building strategies which very helpful for early and young entrepreneurs.

  • Identity

Make your own identity, objective, and prove that you are a master in a skill or service.

  • Image

Portray yourself what you are. Like humour, helpings, down attitude and show some goodness.

  • Reputation

Be Authentic. Improve your reputation like creating and attending Seminars, workshops, webinars or concerts which make you visible to the world.

  • Relations

Maintain relations with others who are already master in the same niche which gives huge potential to you.

  • Customers to Fans

Make your costumes as fans by offering freebies, sharing knowledge and solving their problems, taking and acting by their feedbacks.

  • Engagement

Engage with more and more people which help are free shoutouts.

  • Social Media Strategies

one of the popular personal brand building strategies. List on all possible social media platforms and try to spend quality time with them and don’t try to follow traditional strategies take new, bold and odd steps.

  • Leverage Reviews

keep an eye on reviews and leverage them to a positive graph which is a main personal brand building strategies.

These are the same proven strategies that are very helpful to the younger and early-stage entrepreneurs to build their personal brand building strategies.

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