How to Start a BPO in India

Here is the article about How to Start a BPO in India with all the information needed to start a BPO. By reading this article you will have a clear view of BPO business.

Why Starting a BPO in India?

Un-undoubtedly BPO business is a topmost corporate business and is still a BPO business booming in India. Many of BPO’s works for international clients and makes money in the form of dollars. And the best part is starting a BPO in India is very easy with less investment and nowadays, getting a quality employer for BPO is not a big deal in India.

What is BPO?

BPO stands for business process outsourcing. As the name implies it is an outsourcing (agreement in which one company contracts-out a part of their existing internal activity to another company) working firm. They serve for product or services based companies. MNC companies like Concentrix, HGS, Agies are biggest BPO companies in India and IBM, TechMahindra, Wipro has their own BPO’s and they also serve for other clients. Every company which has a great product or a good service, then they defiantly had a huge customer base. They need to serve customers greatly before or after a sale of product or service. As a plan of cost-cutting and effective use of manpower, they concentrate on product and need not concentrate on after the sale. So they approach very good BPO’s to serve their customers on behalf of them. Many E-commerce sites, Banking and a Telecom sector mainly run on BPO’s.

Types of BPO services in India

  • Inbound calls BPO – Customers calls to the company/agents.
  • Outbound calls BPO – Company needs to call customers.
  • Online chat-based BPO – Need to chat on online platform/website.
  • Data entry BPO – Need to process the data/ making data to the digitized form.

Business Plan to Start a BPO in India

First design a business plan which contains all required information like leasing or renting a small office room, cost-cutting plans and enough funds. If you want to start virtual BPO, that all employees work from home and there is a software to moderate all employees. Virtual call centre concept only works for the local outbound sales process. But this is very easy and no need big investment which can be started in 3 to 4 days and is tax-free.

For office-based BPO permission from NASSCOM and tax files must mandatory and follow strict rules of government of India about DND (Do Not Disturb) mobile numbers and commercial Internet line which supports VoIP (voice over internet protocol).  Employees contact Job consultancy on commission basis for each employee as no need of HR in the earlier stage. And the main thing is to get enough funds to survive for a minimum one year without projects.

bpo call center

Requirements to start a BPO

  • NASSCOM permission and Tax Form (permission from NASSCOM by taking Demand draft of the specified amount drawn in favour of Pay and Accounts Officer (HQ) DOT.
  • Software’s – CRM (customer representative management) software, call recording software, Workforce management software, by simple Google check you can get more details and ask free demo for all software.
  • Internet and landline connection.
  • A commercially licensed line for VoIP calls and normal calls.
  • Office supplies and Miscellaneous – Desktop computers, headphones, printers and all office miscellaneous like papers, pens, clips etc.

How to get Projects for BPO

Nowadays getting projects is a big deal for BPO’s. After Starting BPO,  there are no projects to work and lack of funds they shut down early. Many more people get cheated with fake BPO projects and results in the loss of huge money and a great time.

To get projects to build a company website, get a social presence by creating an official page and posts and get genuine social reviews. Build a portfolio by doing work with local clients like local college’s, local real estate firms.

Offer free service for famous local clients and do free work for orphanages. Add them to your portfolio. Contact an IT consultant and check his background and also directly apply in company official websites and show your portfolio.

This is all about how to start BPO Business in India with all details.

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