How to Start CLC Light Weight Bricks Business

Start CLC Light Weight Bricks Business

In this article, we are going to see the full details of the Light weight bricks business. According to the trend, light weight bricks come to use and more convenient than traditional clay bricks. Clay bricks built wall becomes more costly than light weight bricks built wall and has less life span than light weight bricks built wall. Nowadays, these light weight bricks business comes to limelight. Here, are the full details of light weight bricks business manufacturing and its marketing.

There are Two types of light weight Bricks.

  •  ACC Bricks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)-Made of Fly ash, Cement, Foam, Water, Gypsum, Sand and Aluminium Powder.
  • CLC Bricks (Cellular Light Weight Concrete)-Made of Fly ash, Cement, Foam, Water.

Manufacturing Process of Light Weight Bricks

While coming to the manufacturing process, Acc bricks need huge and advanced machinery which is not preferable to start or to invest whole amount of money on ACC bricks making. So, I prefer to go with making of CLC bricks. As making process of CLC bricks is easy and need’s less investment.

Cement and fly ash with water is mixed with foam to form a thick slurry paste and pour in a required bricks sized moulds. After 48 hours, formed bricks is removed from moulds and water cured for 12 to 15 day and these bricks are ready to sale.

Requirements & Cost of Making CLC Bricks

1. Mixer – 2,50,000 INR

2. Foam Generator – 50,000 INR

3.Moulds (As per required) – 50,000 INR

4. Raw Material (cement, Fly Ash, Foam)- 1,00,000 INR

5. Water pump – 10,000 INR

6. Rent and Wages – 50,000 INR

TOTAL – 5,00,000 INR ( Average Plant)

The above Requirements can easily available anywhere. A simple Google search can get details of machinery.Start with small sized machinery instead of Large and Advanced Machinery. Enquire about the availability of raw material cost before starting the Process.

Permission From Local Authorities is Must.

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Marketing of Light weight Bricks

Setting up Plant and starting Manufacturing process of any good is easy. Marketing is one of the toughest part in the whole journey of any business. With proper steps and care one can easily cross this step.

  • Maintain Quality, quality product always has a market.
  • Start Production of Bricks only after getting any Orders.
  • Identify the potential costumers and aware them with the use of CLC light weight bricks
  • Bring awareness in the people in your locality by mentioning the uses of CLC light weight bricks in your advertisements.
  • Display the Boards near to the Earth Movers offices and Construction material supply shops.
  • Approach the Builders, Owners and offer them fewer price quotes from your side.
  • Improve your Network. Network Plays a key role in this type of business.

Please do the proper research and study the market before going to Start the Light Weight Bricks Business. Cross check all the resources like investments and Resources etc.

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