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How to Start Pastry House Business in India

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Starting Pastry House Business in India is very easy and effective business idea. Nowadays in India not only in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, but this pastry house business also expands to the medium-sized cities and towns. Pastry house is nothing a but a bakery which has all the delicious baked food items like cookies, cakes etc., which is unanimously loved by all age groups. This is one of the major considerations to start this business in India. There is always a great profit margin in the food industry.  You can list soft drinks, ice creams, sandwichs many more eatables in pastry house along with baked items.

Make the customers sit, eat and spend more time in the pastry house with a feel-good environment. It is very important to think twice before starting pastry house business in commercial space or to sell in online from home. If you can start this business in commercial space then there is a chance to sell both online and offline. From home, you can sell online by taking orders from food delivery apps and social media sites.

Investment & Requirements to start pastry house business

A Proper business plan is required to start any business. Here the basic requirements and investment details

Micro ovens, Display Fridge & Cooking Equipments – 1,10,000 INR

Furniture- 80,000 INR

Hiring Help- 30,000 INR

Space for Rent- 30,000 INR

Stray Expenses- 20,000 INR

Raw Material- 80,000 INR

Operational & safe side Expenses- 1,50,000 INR

Total – 5,00,000 INR

  • Certificate from FSSAI
  • License and Permits from local Governing Bodies.
  • Maintain online presence in social media.
  • List on local classifieds, Food Delivery applications etc.,
  • Built an attractive website for brand building.
  • Invest Decent in Marketing and Advertising.
  • Hire an Experienced chef.

Equip the pastry house with thick shakes, ice creams, cokes, sand whiches and fresh coffee to boost the sales. If the pastry house business is starting from home then there is no need for this investment, all you need is a license from FSSAI.

A Hygenic Maintenance with quality and quantity gives success in this business. Go ahead and start your own pastry house business, all the best.

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