rabbit farming business

How to Start Rabbit Farming Business

Why Rabbit Farming Business?

rabbit farming business

Rabbit farming business is one of the best business which has a very high success rate. The success rate is almost 90% in rabbit farming business. With less investment and less requirement of land makes rabbit farming as an emerging business. The increase in consumption of rabbit meat makes this business more sustainable in coming years. Many researchers show that rabbit meat has very low fat and rich in proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Doctors prefer this meat to patients to prevent heart-related diseases. This shows Rabbit farming business has a great scope in the market.

Rabbit Farming

Before starting rabbit farming you need to plan according to meat outcome at regular intervals. Rabbits are divided into breeders and slaughter purpose. Quality male rabbits are used as breeders to make couple the number of the rabbits on the farm. Open litter system is used for a small number of rabbits and cage system is used for rearing a large number of rabbits. Always maintain the below 40degrees Celsius in the shed and protect the rabbits from heat, rain and predators like dogs, cats etc., Always choose the good breeds which can grow faster and bulky. These are some breeds which are productive and has more immune power and gain more weight in no time. They are

1.Soviet chinchilla

2.New Zealand white

3.Flemish Giant

4.White Giant


6.Grey Giant


8.New Zealand Red

Caring For Rabbits

Feeding should be done from time to time with all green grass, carrots and wheat, peanut powder. Use protein and mineral mixers regularly for healthy growth. Always give fresh water and use de-worm tablets if you find any rabbits suffering from illness. Special care should be taken for pregnant rabbits. Place a small box or nest box with soft wool and fibre pieces to feel more comfortable for mom and baby rabbits. Mating should not be done in summer as heat effects the baby bunnies. Basically, diseases are less in rabbits but you should take care of bunnies and proper necessary steps should be taken immediately.

Tips and Marketing of Rabbit Farming

Take a order from local restaurants and hotels.

Supply fresh meat to local supermarkets with neat packing.

Open a Rabbit meat stall on your own.

Educate your locality with ads by showing the importance of rabbit meat to health.

List in all Pet classifieds about rabbits for sale as there is a lot of rabbit pet lovers.

If you are planning to do rabbit farming/ rearing in a large scale then plan to export meat to the different countries.

You can make money with rabbits pellets which can mix with vermin-compost and use as a fertilizer.

While slaughtering rabbits, skin and wool are Bi-Products which can make money again for you.

Insurance should be done to the rabbits for safety purpose.

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Investment and Loan

You can get a loan from different banks with different interest ratio and you can get a subsidy loan from NABARD in India.

Here is simple Investment calculation for rabbit farming business.

Buying Rabbits – 50,000 INR

Building Cages and shed- 100000 INR

For fodder – 50,000 INR

A malicious investment like labour, medical etc., – 100000 INR

Total 300000 INR is required to start this business on a medium scale.

You can get profit from the 4th month of starting this business.

Here is the Good Pdf Guide for Rabbit Farming Business – Rabbit Farming.pdf


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