How to Start Sheep farming Business in India

How to Start Sheep farming Business in India

sheep farming business

The sheep farming business in India is the one of the most profitable and underrated business. This is a complete guide to Start sheep farming Business and makes profitable earnings. Before going to Start sheep farming business we need to know the types of the sheep farms. They are 1)Growing/ Raising farms 2) Breeding farms.

Growing/Raising farms

This type of farm is all about raising/growing the sheep in batch-wise.3months old Male sheep’s are best suitable for this type of the farm. we need to raise the sheep’s until it gets 10months because during this period they gain weight while consuming little fodder. Male sheeps are best for meat so male sheeps preferred for this type of form.

Breeding farms

The main aim of Breeding farms is making more number of sheeps. Female sheeps are preferred for this because they multiply the group. We make money by selling different age group of sheeps once a while in a year.

Building Suitable Shed
shed for sheeps
sheep farming shed

As in this modern farming, sheeps are not sent to grazing, they are kept in stalls in a shed. Shed must be built with good air, light and fresh water facilities. In this type of farming, there is no physical workout for sheeps, as a result, they gain more weight with fat deposits in their bodies. The main use of these sheds is there is scope to take personal care of each sheep, they drink only fresh water which makes disease free. Sheds are equipped with grass cutting choppers, water feeders and weighing scales. We need to recruit a pair of labour per 100 sheeps who has experience in sheep farming.

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Fodder is the main part of sheep farming business. Buying grass is more expensive than cultivated grass. Own or lease an agriculture land for grass cultivating. Before starting a farm first, we need to cultivate grass and plan according to get grass while starting the farm. In summer there is a green fodder scarcity. To overcome this there is Silage process, which means storing a grass in a traditional form and use when there is no availability of green fodder. You can make your own silage by searching on the Internet.

Maintenance and Marketing

Maintenance is the only thing which plays a key role in sheep farming Business. Keep a health track of all the stocks when the market is high.Read the market flow and note the time of more meat consumption. Plan the output according to the high market season. Build the shed near to market and cities which makes huge margin in transport bucks.Take orders from nearest restaurants and hotels for meat by offering them less price compared to the market.

Starting Sheep farming Business is the best business idea in India, before starting sheep farm just visit nearby sheep farms and know the details of subsidy loans and government schemes and talk to the veterinary doctor for the suitable breed to raise in your locals.All the best for your business.

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