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How to Start Spices Business In India

Here are details about to start spices business in India, Many of us in India is looking to start this spices business or manufacturing business because spices are the major consumable in their daily food routine. Many restaurants, hostels are looking for bulk purchasing and many countries are looking to import spices from India as Indian spices are bit famous. This shows the scope of spices business in the international markets. India is one of the largest spice producers in the world, this is the main advantage to start this business in India because of the easy availability of raw material with an efficient price. The profit margin is also high in the spices business. This is why the reason to start spices business in India.

Requirements to start spices business in India

Raw materials like Cloves, red chilly, Turmeric, coriander, black peppers etc.,

Machinery and Equipment like spice grinding machine, Plastic sealing machine, Driers.

Power connection 1HP to  10HP (as requirement) .

License form FSSAI ( food safety and Standards Authority of India)

If you are planning big then take an Export and Import License.

Manufacturing Process of Spices

The Manufacturing process is very easy and not require any special technicalities. Spices are first cleaned with fresh water and dried with help of driers. Then make a powder with help of Grinding machine and make sure powder is fine. Pack the powder in an attractive package according to the weight and seal them with help of sealing machine.


Take orders from Grocery shops, Hotels, Curry points and fast food centres.

List on e-commerce websites and tie-up with catering services by offering discounts.

If you have enough investment then hire a marketing executive to fetch more orders.

Use local classifieds effectively.


Machinery and Equipment                    = 1,00,000 INR

Raw Material (as per Requirement) = 70,000 INR

Renting and worker salary                     =30,000 INR

Safe Side for unknown expenses       = 50,000 INR

Total = 2,50,000 INR

These are the detailed steps and process with estimation cost to start spices business in India.

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  1. Hello
    The article was good but need details of how to do marketing .
    What are the things to be considered before starting this business.
    As I am now working as mechanical Design engineer with 15yrs of experience. I am really determined to start my own business in spices manufacturing.

    What all spices can be considered
    Where and which place in India is famous for these raw materials
    Machines which are required and which is best
    Loan for the entire setup
    Marketing how to do


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