start wheel alignment business

How to start a Wheel Alignment Business

start wheel alignment business

Starting Wheel Alignment Business

Wheel alignment business is one of easiest and great business. Wheel alignment and balancing business have very good market scope in all cities and towns. Because there is a great increase in vehicles, especially personal cars and cabs shows that wheel alignment business has a great future.

When vehicles hit with hard potholes or speed breakers, the alignment and balancing of wheel got affected and results in instability of vehicles on roads, rapid tyre wear and tear and instability in steering control. This may fix with computerized machines. First of all tyres are checked with wheel balancing machine and balanced tyres are fitted to the vehicle. Few Sensors are attached to the tyres and check the wheel alignment according to steering and any required changes can be done according to that. This is the process of wheel alignment and balancing.

A proper business plan is require starting wheel alignment business. This business requires a minimum investment for computerized wheel alignment machines and low working capital for salaries and rent for the shop.

Investment for Wheel Alignment Business

Here are the Requirement and investment details of wheel alignment business to start.

  • 3D Computerized wheel alignment machine – 4,50,000 INR
  • Computerized wheel balancing machine – 1,00,000 INR
  • Handy Tools- 50,000 INR
  • Monthly Rent – 30,000 INR
  • Salaries for three workers – 25,000 INR
  • Safe Side money back up- 1,45,000 INR
  • Total – 8,00,000 INR

Trade license from local authorities.

Power connection.

Take an Insurance policy for the shop.

You can get loans from Banks under self-employment schemes for low-interest rates.

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Marketing of Wheel Alignment Business

This is a crucial part of this business. Starting wheel alignment business is easy but running and getting consumers is not all cake walk.

You need to concentrate the customer satisfaction with your services.

  • Display the flyers and Hoarding with special discounts rates near petrol stations, four wheeler parking places, mechanic shops and commercial areas.
  • Offer pickup and repair done service to busy people.
  • List in Google my business page, local classifieds and social media platforms.
  • Affiliate with local mechanics, cab associations and drivers by offering fixed commission or discounts.
  • To boost sales, start car wash service and engine oil service.
  • Send a message to existing customers on the time period with discounted prices.
  • Don’t forget to take feedback and improve according to it.

This is all about how to start wheel alignment business with all investment and requirement details.

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  1. Hi
    I am bharath an looking out to start Wheel Alignment Business in please assect me
    your help will be thankfull

  2. Hi sir i am Bikkoo singh , i want to start small Business in Automobile Sector, like Wheel Alignment process so please guide me complete invest include all thing , and how to start business please guide me i have no more amount more than 2 lac , so how can can i start please guide me .

  3. Hi sir
    I am palnning to start a wheel alligment and tyre shop in kerala. Please guid me to start the business and please tell the total investment .and how to register my shop and get licence . Thanks

  4. Hi,Rohith
    Hope you are doing well !
    Actually i want start own business in automobile sector i.e alignment,washing,wiring,music&sound end to end solution of four wheeler vehicle like cars and i belongs to town.
    My budget in hand is approx 15lacs.
    Further pls suggest me and awaiting for your valuable guidelines.

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