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Top 6 best student loan apps in India

Here are the best curated student loan apps in India. We all know that how the student’s struggle’s to fulfil their day to days needs and some other students struggles to get laptops, mobiles etc., by paying their hefty prices at upfront. But luckily now a day’s many Apps and Sites that offer loans to students completely online. Here, is the list of student loan apps which offers their services only to students in India.

Here, we need to remember the point that all the loan apps which offer loans to students makes money from the interest that students pay at the end. The interest rates may differ app to app and to individual. If you make good payback relation with these apps, then they will increase the loan amount for you. For students in India, they accept proofs like ID cards, Aadhar Card, Pan Card and selfie. Some Apps even offer loans without PAN Card and bank account details, the loan amount will send directly to Paytm. Install these apps and try your luck for getting loans.

#1. mPocket


mPocket offers loan for students with just ID Proof and Address Proof. The loan amount will be 500 INR to 20,000 INR. This app also offers loan to the salaried persons. With more than 4 start rating in the play store, this is the best student loan app in India. There is also an option to get a loan amount directly in our Paytm or our Bank account.

#2. BadaBro


BadaBro offers superfast credit with minimum documentation. The loan will send directly to your Paytm or Bank account. This app offers flexible repayment tenure like 30/60/90 Days to the student and makes this app one of the favourable app to students. There is also a referral earning option in this app

#3. StuCred


With a 4.1 star rating in the play store, the stucred offers interest-free loan to students who pay within 30Days. With inbuilt CIBIL score and other functionalities make this one of the best apps. Yet till some more bugs need to fix in coming versions. But this is the app purely dedicated only to students to get instant cash.

#4. Zest Credit

Zest credit has a great positive review in play store and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Zest Credit has one of the fastest instant approved system. You can get loan amount through UPI ID or Bank account. Zest Credit offers up to 60,000 INR as a loan to the students. With a user-friendly interface and good customer support makes zest credit to list in the best loan app for students.

#5. Pocketly


With 4-star rating Pocketly is one of the decent student loan apps that serve the college students. With minimum KYC and other details, Pocketly gives the loans to students in India.

#6. Sahukar


Sahukar app is one of the dedicated instant Loan apps for students. Sahukar helps us to come over the small cash crunches With 3 % interest and up to 90 days of repayment period makes sahukar to list in best loan apps for students. Also, Sahukar is RBI registered legal NBFC partnered App.


Bonus App


#7. Kishht


Kishht is one of the best app for converting the loan into EMI without credit card. If you want to buy accessories or laptop etc., as a student you need to pay hefty amount upfront, to avoid this kissht offers an EMI option enabled loan without credit card.

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